Why I’m buying a Ferrari GTC4Lusso.

I used to haaaaaaaate this car. A Ferrari station wagon? Really? Give me a break! It’s funny looking and in many ways it’s totally different than its stablemates and most predecessors; it certainly doesn’t look fearsome or particularly awe inspiring. Despite its 12 cylinder engine and the fact that it was a Ferrari, I just couldn’t bring myself to like this car.

But then a funny thing happened, I started looking at the car from a logical, practical point of view. Yes, a Ferrari with a logical and practical side – I have to laugh a bit every time I think of that but the Lusso is both of those, go figure.

The main reason I want a Ferrari is for road trips because here in Australia we are blessed with the wide open spaces of the Outback. What this means is you can pretty much go as fast as you want without getting into trouble or killing someone (except perhaps yourself) but you didn’t hear that from me. In any event, there are miles and miles of speed-camera-free paved roads out in the middle of nowhere and when you combine that with a 12 cylinder Ferrari, well, you get the picture.

Back to the GTC4Lusso…

One of the prerequisites for touring the Outback is that you need stuff in case you break down or get lost and in your average Ferrari, it isn’t really possible to bring too much. But a Lusso… Hmmm… with all of that trunk space I think you definitely could tour the Outback okay as long as you stayed on a hardened surface and avoided the corrugated dirt tracks which can play havoc with even well-equipped 4x4s and which would likely utterly destroy a Ferrari. So that solves that problem.

The GTC4Lusso has a 12 cylinder engine (as opposed to the T version which has a turbo-charged V8) so there is plenty of performance so no worries there and it’s a Ferrari so everything else about the car is awesome if you can just get past how it looks.

I will admit that the first time I saw one of these I was baffled as to why Ferrari would make such a car. I desperately wanted to like it but I couldn’t get past its looks. In fact, I couldn’t even look at one at the dealership. But that was before I needed the practicality that only the Lusso can offer.

When I went back and looked again, this time without any biases, I fell in love with the car. Up close, it is much sleeker and curvier than a flat photo can portray. The interior is posh and roomy and a joy to behold. Everything is perfect.

So for those reasons, I’m going to buy a GTC4Lusso. I’d like to buy a brand-new one but they are pretty pricey here in Australia so I’ll likely buy one that is a year or two old so someone else can pay for the depreciation. In any event, I need to sell a ton of Ferrari watches to make that happen so please jump over here to help out.



P.S. I will get to my local Ferrari dealership soon and try to get some photos of the interior. It is a fine line between being a potential customer and a pest so I try not to bug them too much with stuff like this.

PPS – > Ferrari has since discontinued the GTC4Lusso and I didn’t win one either so I guess I’m out of luck for now.