The new Portofino M

Ferrari Portofino M

Ferrari has unveiled an upgraded Portofino, the Portofino M. From what I can tell it is mostly a power upgrade which is always a good thing. In Italy they’ll sell for about 206,000 Euros which pretty much means about a bazillion dollars here in Australia but it is worth it I think.

Some people have criticized the Portofino (and now the M) as not being a “real” Ferrari which to me is very, very stupid. No, they aren’t gaudy hypercars, they are subtly designed GTs which I think are more desirable but that’s just me, you are free to love the Ferrari of your choice. I think most of the haters have likely never seen one in person anyway because there is no way you could look at one and turn your nose up at it.

Here is Ferrari’s official video. We had this on our Ferrari video page a few days ago but it is here now for easy access.

I’m not sure when Ferrari will be officially taking orders for the new Portofino M but when they do I will be in line for one, assuming I can scrape up the dough which should be any day now.