Forza – My favorite Ferrari magazine, I’ve been a subscriber for years. I’ve never seen it at a news agent here in Australia but it is widely available in the USA or better yet, you can subscribe.

Cavallino – Sort of high brow but good reading anyway, especially if you like the older Ferraris. I’ve subscribed on an off through the years and I’m a new subscriber again, in particular to help with this site.

Ferrari Market Letter – The oldest Ferrari newsletter that I’m aware of, it is a highly regarded in the Ferrari community. Pretty much if you are looking to buy or sell anything Ferrari related, this is for you.


These are all Amazon affiliate links. Your purchase helps fund my Ferrari a little bit so thanks. I think Amazon pays 4% on books so it’s not like I’ll be buying an 812 Superfast anytime soon but every little bit helps.

Ferrari Engines –

Speed Read Ferrari –