Ferrari Engines Enthusiasts’ Manual


When we ordered these in, I was unsure about what to expect – I thought they would be sort of lame, really, who wants to look at a book full of engines?  But no, as it turned out the photos are superb as is the text.  It’s a good sized hardcover book and you will not be disappointed.  In fact, it’s so nice I almost hate to read it for fear of bending a page or getting fingerprints on it.  If you are a Ferrari enthusiast, you need this book.

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This lavishly produced book provides a completely unique photographic insight into the design and interior components of 15 landmark Ferrari road-car engines, documenting the ‘inside view’ of the engines – each one a mechanical work of art.

Ferrari is renowned as an engine builder and 15 of its greatest engines, from the early 1950s Gioacchino Colombo-designed V12, through V6s, both normally aspirated and turbocharged V8s and boxer 12s, to the latest 6.3-litre V12 are documented in detail, with a chapter, and around 20 photographs for each engine.

Coverage includes images of the complete, built engine from various angles, and views of the various castings and significant internal components, before taking a brief look at the car in which the engine is fitted.


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