My Top 5 Ferraris

It’s not easy but I’ve chosen five Ferraris as my favorites. This was not an easy list to compile and some of my choices might surprise you. I will tell you from the start that I’m not a fan of the hypercars (Enzo, LaFerrari, etc.) but I am partial to 12 cylinders… anyway, I’m babbling now, read on.

These are in no particular order.

Ferrari #1: 3×8. I’m going to cheat a bit here and declare that the Ferrari 308 and 328 are both on my list but I’m only counting them as one. The Ferrari 308 was the very first Ferrari that I saw in person and it literally made my heart skip a beat. I knew right then I was destined to own one and I know that I will.

I love the 308s and 328s because of their classic styling – when you see one you cannot help but fall in love with the curves and angles that just scream AWESOME.

Another good reason to fall in love with them is because as far as I know, they aren’t terribly hard to work on. No, I wouldn’t do the timing belts myself but I’d have a go at anything that didn’t look too complicated. I’m not a very good mechanic really but I would love my Ferrari enough to work on it as best I could myself before bringing it to a real mechanic. So what this really means is maybe I could change the oil lol, I don’t know. The point is I would try and go from there.

Finally, the 308s and 328s are not insanely priced (unless you are here in Australia where they go for $200k or so) which means that they are within dreaming distance and not just for millionaires.

Ferrari #2: GTC4Lusso – A Ferrari the whole family can enjoy! They aren’t really the most photogenic Ferrari BUT in person they are spectacular. The curves are gentle and the whole look (inside and out) is very classy. Well done, Ferrari!

What I really like about the Lusso is that the back seats fold down and you can pack it full of stuff meaning that yes, you could take it on an outback roadtrip, although you’d want to stay off the corrugated tracks and stick to pavement, there are still thousands of miles of roads out there to be explored and I can think of no better way to do it than with a 12 cylinder Ferrari. (I love this car so much I’ve decided to buy one!)

Ferrari #3: 360 Modena – I freaking love the 360 because of it’s subtle beauty and also because you can find a nice one in the $100k range (give or take), even here in Australia. A few years ago I saw one in sort of a very light blue that I fell in love with because it gave me the impression that the car was just slipping through the air like nothing – it was almost invisible.

I love the 360 because it is the first of the “modern” Ferraris to really make my heart jump a bit. Sure, you can get newer, faster, nicer Ferraris but a 360 is a great starter Ferrari (if there is such a thing) and I’d be quite happy to have one in my garage.

Ferrari #4: Ferrari 812 Superfast / GTS – Another 2 for 1 deal, I can’t say no to a car called the Superfast. A 12 cylinder beast boasting 800 hp, the 812 is the epitome of automotive beauty and though nothing about it is subtle, it isn’t as flashy as some of Ferrari’s other offerings. Unlike the other cars on this list, I don’t think this would be a daily driver for me, I’d want it for the weekends and for outback roadtrips. Driving such a wonderful machine should be an experience and I don’t know about you but I think it would be a waste to take it through the drive-through at McDonald’s.

Ferrari #5: Portofino – I don’t care what anyone says, the Portofino is an awesome Ferrari. I like it because it just looks damn good so yes, I’m shallow, I admit it, this one is a guilty pleasure of mine. This is another Ferrari that has to be seen in the flesh to really appreciate I think because photos don’t really do it justice.

The one thing I don’t really understand about the Portofino is why Ferrari bothered with the back seats. You can’t really put people back there, not adults anyway, I don’t know, it just seems silly. You could use them for storage I guess.

Sadly, there are people in the Ferrari community that put down the Portofino (along with its ancestors the California and California T) as not being “real” Ferraris but I think that is just being stupid, the Portofino is a beauty and I’d be proud to drive one.