It’s been a big few days here in Ferrari La-La Land!

I joined another club (or at least sent payment in, haven’t heard back yet), subscribed to Cavallino and ordered some other stuff while I was at it, and I ordered a Ferrari book from Booktopia. So pretty much I’m out of money now but damn it feels good!

One of the problems of living in Australia is that the Aussie dollar sucks so importing things is expensive to begin with. It gets worse though when you start buying Ferrari stuff because it’s expensive by nature and you have to pay shipping from all over the planet and let me tell you, it’s not getting any cheaper.

On the bright side… every single person/company/organization I’ve dealt with so far has been top-notch, speedy, and professional. In the coming days I’ll do short write-ups on each of them to give credit where credit is due.