Enzo magazine – We hardly knew ye!

I freaking LOVE Enzo magazine but now their website redirects to Octane. This sucks because I was just about to subscribe. I don’t know what caused its demise but I suspect being a niche magazine just getting rolling in time to be faced with poor newsstand sales due to the pandemic would have a hard time. Still, you’d think it would still fly off the shelf due to its subject matter and the many legions of Ferrari maniacs that are out there. I don’t know about you guys but I’d brave a pandemic for a copy, I’d just wear a mask and use plenty of hand sanitizer.

Sadly, the company that published Enzo, Dennis Publishing, is trying to direct people to Octane, a car magazine that tries to be all things to all car people. Hate to tell you this but I’ll never buy a copy. Why? Because I could not care less what Porsche or Lamborghini or Audi or whatever are up to. I simply do not care nor I suspect do most other Ferrari people.

So that leaves us with Forza, which I subscribe to and love, and Cavallino which is sort of high-brow for my tastes but still quite good anyway. I hope those two continue on through this and come out better on the other side.

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