Counterfeit Ferrari Merchandise

Unfortunately, the world is overrun with fake Ferrari merchandise. This stuff is garbage, please don’t buy it just to save a few dollars. But how do you know the difference? I’m no expert but I have a few tips for you.

Is it too cheap? There’s no such thing as a $20 Ferrari shirt.

Is it on a print-on-demand shirt site? Avoid.

Is it brand new and on eBay? Hmmm… Hate to tell you this but Ferrari doesn’t sell on eBay

Is it from a shady seller on Amazon? (Read the feedback.)

Here is what I look for:

Shirts – Either direct from the Ferrari store or Puma or a BIG F1 site or from a Ferrari club store which I think are for members only but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Watches – Must be nice quality and not el-cheapos. There is no such thing as a $49 Ferrari watch. The Ferrari store has some nice ones that aren’t too expensive and here in Australia The Watch Factory sells them and Amazon actually has a good selection of watches that look to be genuine.

Your local (or not-so-local as the case might be) might have swag for sale too, at least the Ferrari Club of America does, and I think that would be okay since obviously they wouldn’t put their logo on junk.