No, no, no! Say it ain’t so! Ferrari cancels the GTC4Lusso!!!

I was going to buy a new GTC4Lusso one of these days but I won’t be able to now as Ferrari has canceled them, presumably to make room in the lineup for their new SUV which will be out in 2021 I think. I’m hoping the new car/suv/mystery machine has a V12 engine but we’ll see. Ferrari has said numerous times they intend to keep the 12 cylinders going as long as they can and an SUV would do well to have one if you ask me. Anyway, this isn’t all bad really and life will go on, I … Read the rest

Two packages arrived today.

The first two boxes of books arrived today. They are much heavier than I thought they’d be, they must weigh 50 pounds all together. The books are, well, they are beautiful, much nicer than I had hoped. I will do some video book reviews soon I think so you can see what they are like.

People thought I was crazy. Or maybe stupid. Or both. Either way nobody could believe I was back up to my old tricks, this time for real, this time for the love of Ferrari! (#GBSR)… Read the rest

My job etc.

Most days I work as a disability support dude. I take people with various conditions out into the community to go bowling or shopping or visit the doctor etc. The pay is okay but it’s definitely not Ferrari money and it fluctuates wildly from week to week. Thanks to Covid-19 my income is way down but on the bright side I now have time to work on the site.

Normally I’d never have a real job because I don’t like the idea of working my entire life to make someone else rich but doing disability support is a good … Read the rest

What I’m doing right now to earn money for my Ferrari…

I’ve decided that one way I’m going to earn money for my Ferrari is to sell Ferrari books here on the site. I was just going to use Amazon affiliate links but they don’t pay all that great and then you are always wondering if you are following their rules etc. because if you make one tiny mistake they’ll terminate your account and keep your money. I’d rather not take that chance.

The downside is that I need to sell a lot of books to make this work but really selling books is just a start. Once we get … Read the rest

Just a thought on goals & dreams.

Never, ever, ever let small-minded people get in the way of your dreams. If the people around you won’t help out, either do it on your own without them or surround yourself with a new crowd. Either way, your dreams and goals are yours, pursue them with vigor and bravery.

While we’re on the subject, I’m convinced that most people just sort of float through life, maybe scraping by, maybe doing okay, but never really getting ahead. They tread water and they are happy with that, which is fine I guess, but I’ll never understand it. I want … Read the rest