And the quest goes on.

One of the reasons I built this site was because I wanted to have an online journal of sorts about my quest to own a Ferrari. My job doesn’t pay that great and I have no prospects for one that pays enough to buy a Ferrari so I figured I’d better start something up on the side and see if I could make it work. I also want(ed) to immerse myself in all things Ferrari and get to know other Ferrari people as a way to stay motivated. So that’s what I’m doing.

To make money we’re going to sell books on the site. I know, I know, we will have to sell a lot of them to make any money but we’ve got to start somewhere. For the moment I’m unable to sell shirts etc. so I will focus our efforts on books because our book distributors are excellent to work with and books are another great love of mine. Combining the two seems only natural I suppose.

Eventually I’m hoping to sell ads on the site but for that you need traffic and I don’t have any yet. But it will happen, I just have to keep at it.