Road to Maranello is an online journal of one man’s quest to finally own a Ferrari. I’m pretty well done screwing around so now I need to hurry up and get rich so my dream can finally come true. I figure a few weeks of hacking away on a website with no ads, no traffic, and a few hundred dollars worth of books should do the trick.

But, but, but why build a site around the quest? I’m trying to immerse myself in all things Ferrari and this seemed like a good way to do it. I’m not sure the site will ever make any money (that wasn’t the point of building it) but if I can sell a few Ferrari books etc. to pay the bills that go along with the site then that’s okay.

In my real job I’m a disability support guy. Mostly I take people with various disabilities out into the community. It pays okay I suppose but not good enough for a Ferrari so that is why I’m branching out. I’ll probably never give up my support work but I could do it a lot better if we went out in a Ferrari instead of a Kia.

We are in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia by the way. We have two Ferrari dealerships nearby so that’s good.